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My Tweets for 2007-12-31

  • $400 phone bill!!?? $300 in calls to Venezuela??!! Someone has some ‘splaining to do…. #
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My Tweets for 2007-12-19

  • Ah, the times one can have with adventures at the grocery. Out of coffe and dogfood – it is time. #
  • Woke up still grumbling over a $300 grocery bill – but I am now well stocked on Community Coffee! #
  • Last year I worked from home – I had forgotten how much candy and such the vendors bring. Now dozens of fresh pies have arrived! #
  • Holiday office gameshow – deal or no deal – the funny wigs are being brought out – God help us! #
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My Tweets for 2007-12-14

  • Just realized the progress I made tonight is the wrong approach and will need to be torn ut and rewritten. Think that means time to go hom #
  • Flickr adds stats to pro accts #
  • V’s court date this morning. I am nervous as I have decided to not pay any of her fines for her so don’ know what will happen. #
  • V got probation, Class in making better choices, and community service with a $1 fine. #
  • Grrr, first carolers going from dept to dept, now coffeepots unplugged for crockpots for daep parties. #
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