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What if?

Life as it is

I am really good at the game of “what if”. I play it all of the time.

What if someone stole my laptop?

What if my children are hurt?

What if crazed terrorists took over the Burger King while I was eating lunch there?

And I will say that the “what if” game helped me a lot in my former career in security. Take someone’s nice new plans for something wonderful to happen, and then brainstorm about the worst possible things that could happen. It was a perfect position for an expert at “what if”, and I was good at it.

Then all I had to do was chase down all those possibilities and show my plans for dealing with each one.

But for some reason, all of my “what if” games have a tendency to be negative. In fact usually they are in the form of creating catastrophes from what ever I happen to be doing or thinking about.

But “what if” they weren’t?

What if I were to play what if games about positive things. Maybe even getting past the “What if I win the Lottery,” stage of this game.

What if instead of imagining the worst way possible for today to go, I instead asked myself, “what is the best thing that could happen today?”

What if I focused on things that could start with me (and not require lottery-winning luck)?

What if I played this game about how to best care for myself or my children or my home?

What if I just started a blog entry without worrying when I would write my next one or what theme it should fit.

What if I just had fun living my life as it is?

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