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My Tweets for 2008-02-24

  • Home after a long day of shooting at the Arboretum and then in Texas City – now gonna see who’s on photophlow while dumping CF cards #
  • Looking fro my Houston Symphony tickets – anyone seen them? #
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My Tweets for 2008-01-20

  • Spent hours being irresponsible at a bookstore… How many decades has it been since i sat cross-legged at the store and read comics? #
  • Ack! Laundry apparatus malfunction! May be wearing wet clothes today. Ugh! #
  • Something has found us – and is eating us! Coming soon, Gummifield…. #
  • On to the Houston Symphony doing Strauss’s Alpine Symphony with Photomontage Images. #
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The Symphony with my daughter

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This past year I became a subscriber for the Houston Symphony, and it has been a wonderful investment for time with my daughter. We usually get their early, eat brunch nearby, and then get back to Jones Hall in time for the lecture before the music. We like to try to get to sit near this Houston Theatre District landmark when we get a chance. My daughter is a bassist, and so it is a special bit of art for her, she even says it is “sexy”. May she continue to find only the unreal men sexy at least until she becomes an adult.)

Today’s performance was Yo Yo Ma, and he was incredible. I had gotten some field glasses to use while watching the show, and when it was my turn I couldn’t help watching his face while he plays. He was his own audience, swaying to the music he heard and grinning at the concertmistress and the other cellists in the symphony.

Anyway, a wonderful day with my beautiful daughter.

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