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My Tweets for 2008-03-31

  • Submitted my March photos during break of digging through past mail #
  • A long day is about ended… One more battle against paperwork to bring it in line…. And then to sleep the sleep of after a battle… #
  • Dealing with sick daughter who is cranky while trying to get some work done #
  • On phone w/ mortgage company trying to come up with a solution to an ugly situation. #
  • My boat is here. Deep water is there. Rocks in between. Ramming speed? #
  • Configuring routers, well writing configs in anticipation, while thinking about errands to run #
  • Trying to find dentist that did emergency work after that most evil tootsie roll last year #
  • Great! The whole of the dentist’s office knew my name and the story of the evil tootsie roll of 2006. #
  • Sugarfree Starbucks? It’s the devil’s drink…. Damned Atkins…. #
  • Working my way through my @errands list #
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My Tweets for 2008-03-30

  • Calibrating my monitor for color accuracy so I can submit this month’s photos for stock sales…. #
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My Tweets for 2008-03-29

  • Googling for friends while at grocery store – the REAL advantage to having two phones #
  • Sitting out on the patio with a drink in the candlelight and good company. Yum…. #
  • Morning, ‘verse… Getting a lazy and late start to the day – looking forward to the twitter meetup today. #
  • A late late late start to the meetup. Y’all wait for us, now…. 😉 #
  • Had a great time at the meetup – wonderful to see old friends, also cool to meet so many new friends #
  • Enjoying monster sized monster hot burrito while considering where best to put the photographic dollar. #
  • Finally the last trip to camera store for a while is complete and for least amount ever spent there. #
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My Tweets for 2008-03-28

  • Giving up on making a difference at work and going home to see if i can make one there…. #
  • Never made it out of here before AT&T called – now making loopbacks with spare cable and pocketknife to troubleshoot circuits old-school way #
  • AT&T needs to replace equipment, and can’t arrive until after midnight, so i am staying at the office for another late night. #
  • Sitting in court waiting…. #
  • Court over for now. V pissed that I asked judge for boot camp for her. Didn’t get it. #
  • Heading to the office after dropping V off…. #
  • @maryvale Why, it will look like it’s 120 characters or less. 😉 #
  • Becoming a budget system hacker – met with controller to reallocate funds for my project – think I may make it! #
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My Tweets for 2008-03-27

  • Just got stopped and ticketed in Stafford for expired registration while taking V to therapyy son’s new webcomic website #
  • Just finished talking to my son and planning his new webcomic site #
  • Time to renegotiate all my agreements with myself and my work to reflect new budget realities. #
  • Dm bound_4_freedom That is a good attitude if you are a Southpark character (or if you want to sound like V) #
  • Boss asking for a "miracle" – defined as getting same project done in same timeframe with only 25% of original resources. #
  • Wondering if my late-night maintenance window is still happening? #
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